RIP Indian Hockey

I will be honest about my love for our national game. I sucked at the game, when I was in school. Since then, I have never watched a hockey match. Call it the haunting of previous failures or the dominating presence of Cricket, my interest in Hockey has been restricted to sports section of daily newspaper.

Last month, out of the blue I watched our Indian hockey team play a match in Belgium. The team won the match. Don’t ask me to give you details about who played, scored, etc. I was just a new hockey enthusiast warming up to become a hockey lover.

What was most interesting about the game was the speed, the intensity of players and the real-time strategy implementation. This was far better than what cricket had to offer. Also, there was a huge gap created in my mind Courtesy : www.santabanta.comabout the future of cricket (considering the tamasha in the game for last few years).

Oh dear Hockey! You were just inches away from getting a new supporter. Then the inevitable happened. The team came back from the tournament after a decent performance minus the coach. The drama after that is the same old story, we have had for years. I can confidently say “I am not watching any more of hockey matches”.

Mr. Van Ass passed a message from his native country about being sacked by Indian Hockey. He pointed the argument he had with Batra as the reason for his ouster.

Mr. Batra, the chief of Indian hockey is not a nut like his predecessor Mr. Gill. I mean, he is still far away from matching the damage done by the former head of Indian Hockey. The speed at which he is going, I am sure in a year or two, he will catch up or probably overtake Gill as the man responsible for disappearing Hockey from India.

Coming back to the topic. The coach’s ouster was still not confirmed by HI (hockey India). The matter was subjected to the decision taken by few wise men (read: committee).

Deep down, I was pretty sure how the story would play out. The “Egoistic” president was snubbed by the coach for poking his nose unnecessarily in a game. The president lost his big ego. He comes back and decides to teach the foreign coach a lesson.

There have been few more coaches before him but this was the first time, someone had questioned the mighty president, whose love for the game is above question. I hope he is not an enthusisast like Meyyappan J

The coach was unceremoniously sacked few days back.

This brings me to the question “Who is the ass?”

Well. No offence intended to the ex-coach’s name. I just could not stop myself from bringing out the irony.  The real ass here is our hockey management, hockey team, spectators, lovers of game (the near extinct breed) and everyone, who wanted to see the team get back to its former glory.

In short. Van Ass’s ouster has shown how big an Ass we are.

The other hockey teams are busy preparing for RIO Olympics 2016. Our team has a news coach, an old president and a bunch of cronies, who will never step down from the post. You can imagine our chances of winning the next Olympics.

Indian sports bodies (badminton, Table tennis, cricket, ….) are a breeding ground for the most corrupt, inefficient bunch of politicians. They will let the game burn down to ashes for few petty gains of theirs.

Nothing changes them. They will stick to the post of their sports association for years. Will let the bodies run like sarkari bodies and enjoy the game.

No wonder, we struggle to find few good sportsman in a population of hundreds of crores. The whole system is badly infected by these so-called “Lovers of Game”.

There is no hope for any sports in this country.

We are better off preparing software collies, doctors and other stupid professionals.

RIP Hockey!

  • The “Hockey lover” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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