Salman Khan’s case is reminiscent of Bollywood movie cases of 90s

Salman khan can never be without controversies. His admirers and loved ones in Bollywood call him the most misunderstood personality in Bollywood. I wish the people mowed down by his car in 2002 hit and run case could say the same.

Coming to the case. In 2002, a vehicle allegedly driven by Bhai, who was allegedly in inebriated state ran over few people sleeping by the side of road. I know roads are not for sleeping but neither are cars for running over people.Salman Khan Case

How the story unfolded after this incident reminds me of the huge backlog lying with our judiciary. This case has dragged on for last 13 years. The case is popularly called Salman khan hit and run case.

Reminds me of the famous Damini Dialogue:

“Tareekh par Tareekh…Taarreekh par Tareekh aur reh jaati hai toh sirf tareekh”

And just when we though, the case is over. There is a Bollywood twist to the case. The driver of the car Ashok Singh has come forward to tell everyone that it was not Bhai but him, who was behind wheels on this unfortunate night. Well! After being in hibernation for 13 years, this is one change of heart or admission by guilt, I have heard of.

Isn’t this whole incident just out of one of those 90s Bollywood movies. Salman Bhai, you have stumped us. Even the omnipresent Prem of Suraj Barjatya movies can look at this blatant lie and tell the court

“Judge sahab. Yeh court ko ghumrah kiya ja raha hai”

Order – Order!

Bhai’s driver is one honest guy. I feel sorry for him. It took him 13 good years to realize his guilt and now he wants to repent.

Today, Bhai stands vindicated. For 13 long years, his family has been through this harrowing experience of doing rounds in court.

What about the ones who died that night? Shhh! Don’t talk about them. They are dead. Also, they were poor. Who cares about them? This blog is about Bhai not some road side labor dying of a car accident.

But bhai! I said it pehle hi “Aap begunah ho aur chahey kanoon ke haath jitney bhi lambey hon. Woh garibon ke liye thodi baney hain”

Oh! 90s you were so badly missed. Salman bhai, we thank you for bringing back the Bollywood of 90s in your case.

You just managed to show that Bollywood didn’t churn out only fiction in 90s.

What next?

Come on. The black bucks killing case is still alive.

Don’t be surprised if you see a tiger coming to court and informing the court “Bhai was not there at the time of scene. I had killed the black-bucks”.

Ek tha Tiger!

Case closed.

– The “90s ka inspired” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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