Section 66A of IT shown the Door by Supreme Court

For all the social media addicts, this decision comes as a breather. Finally you are allowed to exercise your right to freedom of speech and expression on internet, without the fear of visiting bade ghar (read: jail).

Supreme Court in a landmark judgment has decided to strike down section 66A of IT Act.

What this means is:

  1. Government cannot arrest anyone at the drop of a tweet or FB Bomb. i.e, the next time you want to tell your leader “Hey! You are doing a horrible job”. You are at the freedom of writing and expressing on twitter and FB
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    without getting arrested.


  1. Our touchy leaders can afford to get less touchy. Since they cannot have you arrested, at least they can ignore you for a while. They can drop the anger and focus more on their constituency, ministry or whatever meaningful work they do.



  1. Police will have one less medium to showcase their sycophancy skills. As witnessed during the Azam Khan FB arrest case. Also, they have one less headache of a reason to arrest someone. First, it’s difficult to explain them what is twitter and why they should arrest someone over something that looks like a bird.


Secondly, by the time they understand twitter, they don’t know what is IT? For them IT stands for Income Tax. A big headache for them, considering their under the table income is nontaxable. IT for the time being only means Income Tax. More scary but easy to comprehend for our Police.


“Siyapa khatam hua”.

What this does not mean is:

  1. You can still criticize openly. Think about it! Can you afford to be free with your words on social media? SC has curbed Police/Leaders from going overboard. What about their Goons? Well, they don’t come under any IT/CT/BT or PT. So the next time you offend a mantri, get ready to be thrashed by the santri.
  2. Our leaders will not get creative. You can doubt our leaders about anything but their creativity. Wait till the next assembly. They will table a bill with a new section of IT to get you behind the bars for voicing your opinion.

Till then…Enjoy your freedom! While I postpone my visit to the free land 🙂

Author: The Mango Man

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