Shiv Sena is right in teaching a lessons to Kulkarni and all of us

Shiv Sena, the party of “passionate Mumbaikar” is back in news. Like always, they are back in news for controversy.

The controversy involves a BJP Leader Sudheendra Kulkarni, whose face was blackened by an ink attack launched on

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Courtesy :

him by Shiv Sena members.

Mr. Kulkarni was the organizer of former Pakistan’s diplomat Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book launch in Mumbai. Unfortunately, this book launch did not go down well with our patriotic party, Shiv Sena.

Like a true Hindustani, they are allergic to anything to everything which has Pakistan attached to it.

Obviously their aversion to “Pakistan” element is a little more than ours. Unlike us, they do not enjoy Pakistani singers, they don’t like Pakistani cricket team (I am with them on this) and they do not watch movies of Pakistani actors in Bollywood. How the hell were they supposed to allow book launch of a Pakistani in India?

Can an Indian go to Islamabad to do his book launch? Nay! He won’t. Then why do we allow them to do a book launch in India? See. Now I am talking, walking, writing like Shiv Sena 🙂 .

Since Mr. Kulkarni was adamant about organizing this event, Shiv Sena decided to teach him a lesson in an innovative way.

On the day of event, when Kulkarni was Enroute to the event, his car was stopped by few patriotic men from Shiv Sena.

He was pulled out of his car forcefully. What happened after this was anyone’s guess.

The “Passionate” men from Shiv Sena blackened his face using ink and paint.

Reminds me of a hindi saying written in Bold – italics behind all trucks “Buri Nazar waley tera mooh kala!”

I like this political party. They are the ones, who remind us what Pakistan does to us. I would have been ecstatic, had they gotten hold of the ex-Pakistan diplomat whose book was to be launched.

The message on the wall was very clear and loud.

Take this Pakistan!

Until and unless our big brothers from Shiv Sena are there, you cannot play, sing, dance, launch book, cook food or do any damn thing in India.

This country is strictly out-of-bounds for you and all your terrorists. You can only come back here when you have self-destructed your Pakistan.

As per my spiritual sense (at its height after watching aastha TV whole day), every incident in our life holds a meaning.

I am sure this incident did have few lessons for us. Although, they are little different from what Shiv Sena taught Kulkarni (read : ‘Pak agent Kulkarni taught lesson by passionate Mumbaikars’: Sena) . Here is my list:

  • You are a Pak Agent, if you organize a function for anyone from Pakistan. Kulkarni, the man who was supposedly the brain child behind Advani’ s comment on Jinnah is now officially declared as a “Pak Agent” for organizing this function. Makes me wonder, what will happen to those who organize functions for Rahet Fateh Ali khan or other Pakistani artists?
  • In a mutual relationship, there is no Big Brother. BJP cannot always act as big brother to Shiv Sena. They do not have the bandwidth or audacity to challenge the “passionate” mumbaikar
  • Pakistan can kiss good-bye to Mumbai. Pakistan is officially banned in Mumbai, where the voice of shiv Sena is the last voice. Shiv Sena will now officially protect us from terrorists who are always hell-bent upon attacking Mumbai. Mumbaikar now go peacefully to sleep. Police can take a step back because Shiv Sena’s Sena will take care of Pakistan and its home-grown terrorism.
  • Valentine ’s Day might be allowed in Mumbai. Since Shiv Sena is officially involved in protecting us from Pakistan, we can celebrate valentine’s day 🙂 . I am joking. Don’t even think of this.

We should appreciate the medium of protest used by Shiv Sena. At least, they did not beat the shit out of this guy. These guys are cultured, organized and tolerant than the bunch of guys who killed an innocent in Dadri over Beef rumors.

A black (or should I say blue) eye from ink or paint is anytime better than a blue eye you get after a thrashing.

I congratulate Shiv Sena for non-violence.

The “Blue eyed” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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