Social Media demands your loyalty as a Bhakt, AAptard or Congi

I have to admit. Post 2014 lok sabha elections, social media has evolved drastically. The evolution has come in the form of discussions happening at a drop of a pin.

The breaking news today is what trends on social media.

Through my Mango Man’s account on social media

Facebook | Google+ | | Twitter I recently learned, how not to debate on social media.AAPTard-Congi-Bhakt?

While participating in a discussion on my google+ page, I came across a very intruding question asked by one of the page followers. I was asked to prove my loyalty to a political party.

Imagine a world, where we don’t look at issues from unbiased perspective. We look at issues from the angle of how our party looks at issues.

We don’t argue the merits/demerits based on the substance of news. We argue based on how our party gets affected by the same.

This is the new era of discussions on social media. Where on the drop of a pin, you are given a badge of honour.

Since I was asked to choose loyalty, I decided to introspect what each of them stood for.

1. Bhakts:

The loyal BJP Followers, who will not think twice before jumping on an issues that is deemed anti-BJP, anti-rss, etc. The most difficult and arrogant of the three. Their only justification for every debate involving their party is “look at how Congress looted the country for years or check on how AAP is running delhi?”

In majority number, the fierce Hindutva bandwagon comprising of Bhakts is impossible to argue with. The simple logic for them is “My way or the highway”.

I tried to reason out with them logically, as an unbiased mango man. I was shooed away with abuses 🙂

My reasoning was branded as a logic of an Aaptard or congi.

Looking at how the majority is with them, I would love to be with them. The only deterrent is their gravity defying logics from Holy Cow to those who do not do surya namasakar should jump in sea.

I wake up late in morning and my swimming level is still “amateur”.

Hence, I refuse to join the team.

2. AAptards:

They used to be a force before Delhi Elections. They are a minority now. The most argumentative, loudest of the 3. They get their strength from street fights.

They are very similar to Bhakts when it comes to arguments. They will name you a Bhakt or a congi, as soon as you point their party’s recent misadventures.

They swear by teachings of their mentor AK. You can count on them to jump from a cliff, if AK asks them to.

Don’t be fooled by their recent dwindling numbers. When BJP ups the ante on twitter, you can be sure about the AAPtards responding with twitter trends of their own.

If only they could act a little mature, reason out AK’s actions, I would have joined them. As of now, I refuse to be a part of gang, which is in search of a lost identity.

3. Congi:

After the return of their “Supreme Leader” from a meditation trip to Thailand (no sarcasm intended), Congis are back. Abused, rebuked, scolded in past after lok sabha defeat, they have suddenly regrouped to attack Bhakts and AAPtards with a force.

Though less in number, they are using the old social media tricks to attack BJP on all the issues. Leading the pack is Twitter handle “Office of RG”.

I could have joined them, only if they did not have such an illustrious 10 year old career. The laurels their party earned in last 10 years are unmatched. Where else do you get to be called as the most corrupt government of India since Independence?

So where do I stand? Well. I am happy being a Mango Man, who can crib, sulk, smile, smirk, blah-2 as per the latest news.

I chose to ignore the 3 group of people I meet on social media.

Probably, I have turned into a cynic to care about these political parties or I have found my inner peace (kungfu-panda) by staying away from these 3 groups.

Whatever it is. I chose to stay informed and form my opinion based on news.

I choose to take the high road without getting high. No groupism for me.


  • The “Unbiased” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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