Student Politics not Caste was reason for Rohith Vemula ‘s death

You cannot help but feel disgusted looking at the parade of politicians marching to Hyderabad University shedding crocodile tears over the death of a bright suicide.

The list of politicians is endless consisting of everyone who has an agenda or political mileage to gain from this

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unpleasant incident.

Leading the pack is Omnipresent Rahul Gandhi, who these days is busy increasing his airline mile points by travelling to every “politically” important place in the country.

So one fine day you see him talking to students in Bangalore, the next day he is in some remote location in India criticizing modi for BJP’s failure. The whole exercise has become so mundane.  By the time next elections approach, I am sure he will be entitled to free travel for next 5 years of his political journey.

Now Mr. Gandhi cried a river after listening to this heart-wrenching incident. I hope the tears were genuine and not crocodile tears shed politically to win Dalit votes.

Alas! It was too little and too later.

Just behind Mr. Gandhi was bête-noire of BJP, Mr. Kejriwal. Mr. Kejriwal, whose battle with BJP in Delhi is a stuff of legends saw this another opportunity to take the battle directly to PM of this country.

If only he was not in politics, I would have fallen for his tricks.

Unfortunately, politics and genuineness don’t mix well. There goes the hope of Mango Man of this country down the political drain. So much for supporting the alpha aam aadmi 🙁

Following the two leaders was every leader who had an axe to grind with BJP.

There was Mamta Banerjee, Owaisi, Mayawati and some leaders from the left front.

Everyone made it look like an issue of a Dalit committing suicide. Apparently, the issue was given a caste angle by our beloved leaders.

According to them, Rohith committed suicide because of him being a Dalit.

From what I have read and understood, the series of incidents which led to Rohith committing suicide did not include a single event, where he was discriminated for being Dalit.

Rohith was a member of Ambedkar Students Association. The association opposed hanging of Yakub Menon and condemned ABVP’s attack on the screening of documentary Muzzafarnagar baaqi hai.

This made him an anti-national in eyes of Hyderabad University on demands of ABVP, the student wing of BJP. They demanded his suspension. Mr, Bandaru Dattatreya, the BJP leader took this matter with HRD.

HRD obliged them since they opposed hanging of Yakub Menon, which presumably made him an “anti-national” in the eyes of right-wing party.

Rohith along with a group of students had been in suspension for close to a year.

Now this is a long duration for anyone to stay away from studies. I am sure him being poor only made it harder for him.

Add to this, the lack of support from the groups/unions on whose backing he probably went ahead and joined the dharna or so-called “anti-national” activities.

When I introspect the series of events closely, the only reason I can Rohith committing suicide is Student Politics.

From NSUI to ABVP to student wings of every political party, the political parties today have a presence in all colleges of India.

As they say “catch them young”.

I Stay in Delhi/NCR. You cannot help but notice the newspapers giving most coverage to student elections of Delhi University and JNU, as and when they happen.

Student wings of BJP, Congress, Left, AAP are fighting elections as if their student life depends on these elections.

Behind their student wings, the political parties spend an exuberant amount of money and effort to win elections.

The ignominy of defeat affects the losing party politically, as they lose grip over the youth.

The party winning elections goes around propagating their mother party’s agenda across the campus, bulldozing the views of students who do not want to align with any political agenda.

Such is the state of student politics in India.

In case of Rohith’s suicide, you can ignore the fact that there were so many student unions involved in this incident.

You had BJP’s student wing complaining to BJP to get the students suspended. You had Ambedkar Union demonstrating against hanging of Menon and you had NSUI, student union of left political parties standing mute when the suspension happened.

As I mentioned earlier, caste is not a reason for the death of this young student. Student Politics is.

It’s difficult to fathom the reason behind the need of student unions. They don’t serve any purpose other than spread agenda of the mother political party blatantly.

It’s a shame, we lost a talented young gentleman to “student politics”.

My advice to all political leaders who have lined up to condole the death of this bright student, please take your ABVPs, NSUIs and other student unions out of college politics.

Let college be a place of study and not your dirty game of politics.

  • The “student ka neta” Mango Man


Author: The Mango Man

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