Suicides and the Despaired Indian Farmer

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70% of 1.2 billion Indian population staying in our country’s country side is in despair.

I am intrigued by the question “How can the majority of population be ignored by our governments for such a long time?”

The issues of being a farmer in India today are many. Starting from unpredictable weather to the apathy of government. Its an uneven battle for our farmers.

They cannot leave their small plot of land, which refuses to yield any profits without cultivation because this is what they have and they cannot stay back and wait for these lands to give them profits. (A very unusual situation)

So they turn to Hope. I have found Hope to be cruel. (I am not a pessimist, so don’t start making presumptions about me). Particularly, in our farmer’s case hope is not to be hopped for.

Earlier what was only news from Maharashtra is now a part of news from other parts of country.

I am talking about the frequent suicides committed by farmers after last unpredictable rainfall.

The farming community is crushed by the losses inflicted upon them by these untimely rainfall, which has resulted in losses of lakhs for them.

To understand the situation, let’s dig in a little deeper on why farming is such a loss making business in our country?

First and foremost, farming in India is not as advanced as it is in first world countries. Secondly, the life cycle of the end product produced is long and highly dependent on climatic conditions.

This is where the climate plays spoil sport. There are untimely rains, droughts, winter, etc that leads to crops getting damaged in a single go.

The poor farmer reeling under the pressure of repaying the loan taken from the local moneylender at exuberant interest rate sees no alternative than to commit suicide.

By now all of you Mango men must be wondering “What does our government do?”

Frankly speaking, our government cannot control weather. I am kind of glad, they cannot else we would have scams in heaven 🙂

But what our government can control is minimization of losses to farmers. They can compensate them timely, give them easy loans or take a % of their losses on their head.

Which gets me to another question “Isn’t the government already doing enough for farmers?”

They have millions of schemes on paper. Yes. They do. Unfortunately, these schemes stay on paper. The farmer is held to the whims of local netas, bureaucrats, babus to get these easy schemes. Even when they are able to get some compensation from government, the amount of compensation is a mockery of the word “compensation”.

How else will you explain the farmers recently receiving cheques of Rs. 10 to 250 in lieu of the damages to their crops?

And this is not it.

The humiliation lies further in the state government’s dastardly indulgence in something called as the Disappearing act of farmers.

Recently, few “Honorable, honest” state governments were found to have fudged data of farmer suicides in their states to hide the ground level reality.

Now why would they do that?

Don’t ask me.

Like every middle class person staying in a metro city, I don’t give a shit about these farmers. I am too busy catching up with my competitors or should I say colleagues, in the rat race of giving the best of health, education, livable conditions for my family.

Dare you call me mean or a reason behind killing the agriculture dream of India. I do my best for the farmers by getting them employed as security guards, drivers and maids in my house.

At least, they will not die of crop failure here in my metropolitan world. They don’t even have to rely on 10 rupees cheque from government.

It’s a double whammy. I save them the humiliation from government and immunize them from suicides.

By the way, who is this moron publishing fake facts about our country on Internet? Must be a foreign sponsored NGO.

Who said we have the highest number of farmer suicides in the world and who on the earth would believe this bull shit?

We love our farmers. This is why we call them our “farm waley bhaiya” who supplies vegetable to our home. There is so much love and no sarcasm involved in this. Right?

Before I end, here is an important news. The government of Punjab gives 2 lakh as a compensation to the kin of those who commit suicide.

“Peace to the Dead”. Amen!

Jai Jawan – Jai Kisan

– The “urbanized” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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