Sumo-Lamo-Namo : The 3 Modis making news

This is the year of Modis. You are the man of moment if you are a modi. Never has India had so much news about Modis, since the great industrialist Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi established Modinagar, an industrial city near Delhi.

Here are 3 Modis (with a “mo” suffixed at the end of their short names) who are making wave in Indian media:

  1. Sumo:

Sushil Kumar Modi is the face of BJP in Bihar elections. The hard-working leader with clear aspirations to become Lamo-Namo-Sumothe next CM of Bihar got a rude shock few days back. His party decided to fight elections under the banner of Namo not Sumo.

This is one sumo wrestling, our Sumo was not ready for. Like a good leader, he has followed party’s directives and prepares to fight under the leadership of supreme leader, Namo.

He has also been in news off lately for hiding his sulk under the disguise of “whatever party says I will do” directive.

  1. Lamo:

Don’t confuse this one with LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off). This is one Modi, who is ensuring everyone who has wrongly crossed his path is not spared.

Away from Indian laws, Lalit Modi (Lamo) is staging a tamasha, which has actually let the nation go “LMAO”.

No one has been spared. From Congress leaders to BJP Leaders, everyone is pulled by him for making his life difficult. The best part is, he carries a secret book called as Indian Cricket and Politicians. The book is a summary of how our politicians have looted the game of cricket for years.

He also has a trend on twitter called as #Modigate.

The guy is damn famous. If he keeps spilling beans, there are a lot of politicans hanging by a thread.

Did someone mention Vansudhra Raje will be dropped as CM of Rajasthan? How gossipy have I become recently 🙂

  1. Namo:

The supreme leader does not need an introduction. He is the incumbent PM of India. Me. Narendra Modi, under whose leadership party came to power with a thumping victory in last elections has all the reasons to stay in news. Namo-Namo!

  • The “Mo-ngo” Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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