I support Salman Khan as the brand ambassador of India for upcoming Olympics game

“Salman may not have competed but is an A list swimmer, cyclist and weight lifter. Sportsmen are performing because of sports lovers like us.” -Salim Khan, proud father of Salman Khan.

And I agree with Mr. Salim Khan. We all love our kids. Irrespective of how brash, stupid, dimwitted they turn out to

New Delhi : Bollywood actor Salman Khan with boxer MC Mary Kom and hockey captain Sardar Singh during a function where the actor was announced as Goodwill Ambassador of Indian contingent for Rio Olympics 2016, in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist  (PTI4_23_2016_000169B) *** Local Caption ***

be. We love adore them.

He is just another Indian Dad who listed N qualities of his son. And i agree with all of them.

For the first time since Salman Khan allegedly mowed down few street rats, I am going to support Salman Bhai.

After all, he is someone who has been human for ages.

Irrespective of all the hype around why Bhai was made the brand ambassador, I am going to write unbiasedly on why he is the right guy for the job.

Salman Bhai is someone who has given the largest number of 100 Cr hits in last few years. In short, he is the undisputed king of Bollywood. Most of you will be wondering what Bollywood has to do with Olympics?

Well. Bollywood is what affects us the most. At least, Bollywood is more popular than the Indian Olympics team.

You don’t believe me.

Tell me. Who is Yogeshwar Dutt. Please don’t answer, he is a relative of Sanjay Dutt. One of my family members actually did say that.

See. I told you. Bhai is more popular than any of the sportsperson in our country.

Now gauge his popularity to that of any of ex-Indian Olympic star? Milka singh – P.T Usha?

We don’t even remember which race they exactly participated in. All we remember is, they were the great stars of yester years.

He can make the nation go crazy just by dancing to “Olympics ki raat ho…Bhai ka death ho”.

Don’t you think, the nation will watch Olympics because of Bhai?

At least, I will.

And this is not it.

He is multi-talented too.

He can convince Olympics association to include car racing in Olympics. He can show them how well he drives.

He can support our shooters by showing his shooting skills.

And he can change the mood of whole Indian Olympics contingent by singing, dancing, acting, etc, etc.

Don’t you think our team deserves some entertainment?

Why should cricket have all the fun?

I also heard bhai (out of generosity) has decided to do this noble task for free.

I can hear music in background “Aaj ki party meri taraf se”

Now this is music to my ears.

  • “Bhai Ka Fan” Desh ka Mango Man!

Guilty or not guilty? An argument in between Salman’s fan and media fed Cynics

Few months back, when I told one of my fellow mango man “Salman Bhai is a victim of trial by media”. He laughed his ass off. He was sure Bhai ran his car over few pedestrians sleeping on pavement in inebriated state.

I told him “Dude. Bhai does not play negative character. He is the only one who has learned to “Being Human” even after so many years in industry. All this drama is one big nautanki to malign image of our bajrangi bhaijan. (God bless his “secular” soul).”

To strengthen my argument I added “He is a soft-hearted man whose one screen name “Prem” reflects how lovable,

Courtesy : Manjul

Courtesy : Manjul

compassionate he is”.

He retaliated “There is another one by the name of Prem in Bollywood and his name is Prem Chopra”.

Fucking Morons. They cannot love Bhai.

Last week the salman khan hit and run case took an interesting turn. He was pronounced not guilty on all counts by Bombay High Court. We the “Pankhas (fans)” of bhai stood vindicated. I called my “media lover” friend and gave him nicely on phone.

I told him “Bhai. I told you. Our Bhai is innocent. You just did not see beyond the obvious. You have to give him some credit for handling himself so elegantly despite not being guilty throughout the case”

Now this friend of mine was still not convinced. He said “Dost. Everything is on sale. Even the Judiciary”.

He gave me example of Jayalalitha trial. He said the day they pronounced her not guilty, he knew something was fishy”.

Not to give up so easily on my case, I asked him. “Let’s assume, he was driving the car. What the hell were these buggers doing on pavements? Are pavements for sleeping or walking?” Before he could counter attack me the obvious question “Are pavements for driving or walking?”

I attacked him with full arsenal. “I know you will try to trick me into believing our beloved bhai was at fault. No he was not at fault. You all need to get a reality check. The large “hearted” Bhai was ordered by court to offer a compensation few years back to the victims of this so-called “accident”. Irrespective of the decision of court, He has promised to help them.”

I took a break.

This was his turn. He replied “And look how he has contributed. With open arms and open pockets, your Bhai has contributed gracefully to his legal team, PR Team and fans. Thank God, Judiciary cannot be corrupted and questioned else he would have given generously to them too.”

I said “Nevertheless, Judiciary has ensured “Truth stands tall””.

He sniggered.

Now I was angry. I have been a Salman fan since “mainey Pyaar kiya”. How can I let this stupid guy win an argument over my bhai’s innocence? To hell with the so-called “Victims” Hundred die every day in road accident in India. Why only pick sallu bhai?

He said with a pinch of sarcasm “Salman was not driving the car involved in hit and run case. Don’t you ask me if not salman, who was driving this car? Didn’t you read the news? This was a driver less car driven by a ghost”.

This guy was spoon fed by media. I hate this new internet news generation.

I thought. Where were they when Bhai did his act of charity? Bloody Cynics!

He went on “The judge preceding this case has created a record of sort by pronouncing someone not guilty in a case where a driverless car hit few stupid passengers sleeping on pavement.”

He was crossing the lakshman rekha now. My blind faith in bhai was tested. Time had come for me to deliver the last blow.

Before I could open my mouth, the buddy delivered the last blow.

He said “I did read about few of these greedy “victims” demanding huge amount of compensation.”

I am sure you have personally spoken to Bhai’s PR Team. They would have promised to send a carton full of rejected pieces of “Being Human” clothes to these opportunists, who piggy backed on your super star’s popularity to dig some easy money.”

By the way if they are still scoping for some money (“Dhan”) ask them “Didn’t they watch Bhai’s latest movie “Prem rattan Dhan Payo re””?

Morons! There is only one Prem. He has already got his Dhan by delivering another 100 cr+ hit.

These guys need to chill. Stop hounding the poor “Bhai” soul.

I disconnected the call. There is no point in arguing with someone who does not understand our prem for Salman “Prem” Bhai.

  • The “Blind” Mango Man. Salman ka Fan

Salman Khan’s case is reminiscent of Bollywood movie cases of 90s

Salman khan can never be without controversies. His admirers and loved ones in Bollywood call him the most misunderstood personality in Bollywood. I wish the people mowed down by his car in 2002 hit and run case could say the same.

Coming to the case. In 2002, a vehicle allegedly driven by Bhai, who was allegedly in inebriated state ran over few people sleeping by the side of road. I know roads are not for sleeping but neither are cars for running over people.Salman Khan Case

How the story unfolded after this incident reminds me of the huge backlog lying with our judiciary. This case has dragged on for last 13 years. The case is popularly called Salman khan hit and run case.

Reminds me of the famous Damini Dialogue:

“Tareekh par Tareekh…Taarreekh par Tareekh aur reh jaati hai toh sirf tareekh”

And just when we though, the case is over. There is a Bollywood twist to the case. The driver of the car Ashok Singh has come forward to tell everyone that it was not Bhai but him, who was behind wheels on this unfortunate night. Well! After being in hibernation for 13 years, this is one change of heart or admission by guilt, I have heard of.

Isn’t this whole incident just out of one of those 90s Bollywood movies. Salman Bhai, you have stumped us. Even the omnipresent Prem of Suraj Barjatya movies can look at this blatant lie and tell the court

“Judge sahab. Yeh court ko ghumrah kiya ja raha hai”

Order – Order!

Bhai’s driver is one honest guy. I feel sorry for him. It took him 13 good years to realize his guilt and now he wants to repent.

Today, Bhai stands vindicated. For 13 long years, his family has been through this harrowing experience of doing rounds in court.

What about the ones who died that night? Shhh! Don’t talk about them. They are dead. Also, they were poor. Who cares about them? This blog is about Bhai not some road side labor dying of a car accident.

But bhai! I said it pehle hi “Aap begunah ho aur chahey kanoon ke haath jitney bhi lambey hon. Woh garibon ke liye thodi baney hain”

Oh! 90s you were so badly missed. Salman bhai, we thank you for bringing back the Bollywood of 90s in your case.

You just managed to show that Bollywood didn’t churn out only fiction in 90s.

What next?

Come on. The black bucks killing case is still alive.

Don’t be surprised if you see a tiger coming to court and informing the court “Bhai was not there at the time of scene. I had killed the black-bucks”.

Ek tha Tiger!

Case closed.

– The “90s ka inspired” Mango Man