“The Chest Thumping” Myanmar operation unveils our bossy attitude

We love to flaunt our achievements. This is an indispensable part of our gene pool. From papu’s mummy to rahul’s papa, everyone wants to flaunt the achievement of their loved ones. Be it exam, sports or any damn competition. We make sure the message is passed to the mohalla loud and clear about our kid beating the crap out of other competitors.

The feeling of triumph inside our head with this boasting on our achievements is unmatched.

Courtesy : http://cartoonistsatish.blogspot.in/

Courtesy : http://cartoonistsatish.blogspot.in/

Why blame our BJP government for announcing the success of brave operation undertaken by Indian Army inside Myanmar borders? They just did what we have been inherently built to do.

This is our gene pool. We have to bloat about our success at the pitch of our voice to tell the world “We have arrived”.

Who cares if the operation was done inside borders of some other country? At the end of day, Myanmar is just a small fry in front of India. They are the ones, who are at fault here. They harbored the terrorists. We just went inside their borders. Killed the terrorists ruthlessly without taking any causality.

Isn’t this a Victory? Now tell me “Who is the boss?”

As someone rightly said, the purpose of whole exercise was to pass a message to Pakistan.

Yes sir. The message is passed. What next?

Do we plan to enter their borders? Kill few terrorists. Better, catch “D”. Make him pay for what he has done to his country.

Won’t this lead to a full-fledged war?

Who cares? We are the boss.

Major Rajyavardhan singh rathore is no stranger to how army works. He out of all his fellow ministers knows the meaning of “Covert Operations” better. The secrecy around these operations is sacred. You don’t jeopardize your country’s relation with a neighbor by bloating on how you went inside their borders to kill few insurgents.

You don’t come out of a successful covert operation and make the operation a PR exercise for your bosses.

If BJP was planning to do a chest thumping exercise? They have failed miserably. The only one thumped and ticked it our neighbor, Myanmar.

Myanmar will never allow Indians to do any operation on their soil.

Myanmar is a strategic location for china and India. In last few years, china has been able to create a strategic influence in Myanmar. Whatever good, we had left from our relationship with the country is washed away with this awkward PR exercise.

Tomorrow, when the North east insurgents go back to hiding inside Myanmar after killing our soldiers, we will have to lodge our complaint with their embassy. Like we do with Pakistan.

Ajeet Dhoval, the current incumbent NSA head has an extensive illustrious career in North east. His handling of Mizo insurgents is a stuff of legends. He should have known better than anyone else on what our political establishment is up to. This PR exercise should have been stopped.

He is on his way to Myanmar to do “damage control”. I am sure they are ready over there to express their displeasure on how badly India has handled this whole incident.

We just fed a covert operation as “Masala” be our news hungry Media.

They play along nicely. Damn the foreign relations.

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Author: The Mango Man

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