The comeback is not going to be easy for AAP

AAP, a party which had come into existence riding on the back up of anti-corruption and lok pal drive suddenly seems to have hit a road block.

The future not only looks uncertain but bleak for this party that was once a toast of the nation struggling to fight against rampant corruption.

The AAP could very well go on to surprise us in the upcoming elections in Delhi, like it did earlier and we would not be surprised (we have already been surprised by BJP in past read  🙂 . As of now, the going is not easy for this struggling outfit.AAP Party SYmbol

This is my analysis on why AAP is no more a force to reckon with:

  1. The shrinking vote base:

When AAP came into existence, we all saw a ray of hope. I had met people, who despite being staunch BJP/Congress supporters were willing to give this new outfit a chance.

The party was able to connect instantly with youth, the future of this country and the middle class, the new voice against corruption.

The party indeed surprised everyone by winning 28 seats in Delhi Elections. A feat matched by very few political parties in past.

Unfortunately, AAP played a gamble of leaving the Delhi Government in lurch by resigning in a short tenure.

The lok Pal bill was the bone of contention for all political parties.

At the end of day, AAP could not get the bill passed and Quit.

This was one move, the party regretted for a long time.

Words like ethics, values and commitment were suddenly replaced with Bhagoda, Cheated, not strong willed.

AAP did a blunder and will pay heavily for it in the next lok sabha elections.

At the end of day, the Delhi public had voted them to solve their problems and not leave them in a lurch.

No one wants an uncertain government these days. The economy of this country is too fragile to afford another government which is ready to quit at the drop of a pin.

“My way or the highway” attitude is no more the favor of season.

AAP drew a blank in Delhi in recent Lok Sabha elections. Delhi, which was a strong bastion of AAP was breached and won by Modi and BJP.

Today, the middle class has gone back to BJP and youth is either not voting or voting for some other stable political outfit.

The party does not have the support base it used to have earlier.


  1. The transformation to Another political party:

One of the reasons why AAP performed exceptionally well in last elections was because of the X-Factor. The party came across as a political party with a difference.

The whole nation stood and heard when Arvind Kejriwal spoke. He was a maverick, who spoke of Swaraj, fight against corruption and issues, which were relevant.

This was one political party that did not ask votes based on religion, cast and creed.

They were different.

Fast forward to today.

The part’s agenda for next elections looks like a copy paste of other political parties. The party’s internal process of selection of candidate for fighting elections is no more transparent.

They are working like any other Political Party, where the candidates are chosen by few wise men in the party.

Mr. Kejriwal, the Party lead is now seen attending iftaar parties with a skull cap and trying to appease minorities with the same nautanki, the other political parties do.

What AAP has forgotten is the basics on which they were bought to power and if keep enacting like other political parties, public would certainly go and vote for BJP.

BJP has a government in center and promises stability.


  1. The coffers are drying:

There was a time when AAP was able to generate donations worth lakhs/crores in a single day and that was the time, every controversy involving AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal doubled the revenue generated for them.

The sympathy base for AAP was so strong that the day Kejriwal got slapped, they ended up generating donation in crores in a single day.

Today, the party is struggling to generate thousands in a day and the fascinating, heartwarming stories of people from all across the country coming together to donate for the AAP cause are nowhere to be seen.

There is no election campaign without money and AAP will soon realize this the hard way.

The bottom line is “No one wants to invest in AAP”. While other parties rely on the business honchos for their funding (Aadani, Ambani, Tata, etc), AAP has always strongly relied on their supporters.

The numbers are dwindling fast and if things are not bought under control, AAP might end up fighting next elections without any advertisement or promotion.

The party has also lost few of the initial founding members and is a new outfit with some close advisers to Mr. Kejriwal, who are more interested in winning the next elections than standing out from the crowded political scenario and sticking to promises made earlier.

Alas! The decline of AAP is a sad story for all of us hoping to finally see a party with a difference.

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Author: The Mango Man

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