The curious case of a “400 Cr” CSK team evaluated at “5 lakh”

This cannot be called hilarious. This is ludicrous. A mockery of BCCI rules. Welcome to the world of Gol-Maal (courtesy: Srinivasan, the ICC chief).

In a recent BCCI meet, a new discovery was made. A discovery which can send the best of financial brains in this N Srinivasancountry in a state of tizzy.

The evaluation of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Team is Rs. 5 Lakh.

Do you believe it?

Not getting in to the details of the evaluation. Still out of curiosity, does this mean MS Dhoni gets paid Rs. 500 per match? The coach of team Rs. 200/Match and sir jadeja? Considering his current form, he should be lucky to even get Rs. 20/match.

If rumors are to be believed, srini did this devaluation to save himself fees , which was supposed to be paid to BCCI for converting CSK into a trust. You can always trust Srini to have a trick or two in his bag. Just when you think, he is done with Indian Cricket, he makes a come back.

Srinivasan is a master of such jhol in Indian Cricket. He is someone who can be crowned as the man, who bought down the dignity of Indian cricket.

I am not even surprised at the latest revelation. Indian cricket has suffered for too long under the hands of Srini. This is just a small hint of what else would be uncovered by the new team of BCCI, as they unwrap the layers of BCCI’s working in last few years.

Jagmohan Dalmiya has a tough job in hand.

Time to kick the guy out of cricket. More the time he spends sitting as ICC chief, worse would be the damages to world cricket and Indian cricket.

He is someone who took hell lot of convincing before foregoing his crown of BCCI chief (read : Are the doors closed for you Mr. Srinivasan). You can imagine, how hard BCCI will have to try to make him leave ICC’s topmost post.

I hope Jaggu Dada takes the right decisions to win back trust of Indian cricket fans else time is not far when BCCI’s worth will be Rs. 5 lakh 🙂

– The “Miscalculated” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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