The dirty world of IPL knocks at BJP’s door. #ModiGate

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. This is what cricket was called in past.

Cricket is a corrupt gentleman’s game. This is what cricket is today.

Cricket will be a politician’s game. This is the future.

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Sushma Swaraj must be cursing her luck. Stuck in one of the unimportant ministries in BJP. At logger heads with the two most powerful persons in BJP (Amit shah and Narendra modi) and now, a Party to Modi Gate.

How worse does this get for someone who was considered as a prime ministerial material once upon a time?

BJP’s coming back to power in last elections had almost made her powerless. She was given charge of a ministry which was virtually run by the Prime Minister himself. i.e, she is now a powerless minister in a powerful ministry.

If this wasn’t enough, she finds herself involved in an unwanted controversy named as #ModiGate.

She is accused of helping Lalit Modi with his travel documents to get out of country.

Don’t ask me who Mr. Lalit Modi is? He is the same guy, who introduced cricket to glamour. He is the witty guy, who showed our ex-BCCI chief Srinivasan on how to milk the cow (BCCI) wthout offending the Cow.

Since IPL Controversy came to fore, Lalit Modi is one guy no one wants to be associated with. He has notices from ED of India for crores of rupees for tax evasion on his name. He also has a look out notice on his head.

You don’t associate yourself with such superstars.

Sushma Swaraj might be well within her right to grant travel documents to this Modi on humanitarian grounds. Unfortunately for her. The media from some leaked source has gotten hold of email exchanges Modi had with a MP of Indian origin in Britain.

These leaked emails are in a bad taste. They show the arrogant, flamboyant Lalit Modi flaunting his connections with the Foreign Minister of India. The emails clearly states, how he got his travel documents in lieu of helping nephew of our incumbent Foreigner minister get admission in a college in Britain.

What makes the whole controversy more controversial is the involvement of daughter of Sushma Swaraj. She happens to be a part of the legal team of Lalit Modi.

I am not pointing fingers. It’s the dots which are getting connected that makes the case murkier.

Whatever is the reason? Sushma Swaraj finds herself on the wrong side of law.

There was a time Lalit Modi was considered very close to BJP. His connections ran all across the party. From Vasundhra Raje to Arun Jaitley, everyone was in his friend list.

Times have changed. He is untouchable today. Any incident with the name Lalit Modi attached to it is bound to evoke controversy.

Sushma Swaraj finds herself on back foot. Her mentors in BJP are in retirement (courtesy : Modi-shah duo). The thorny relationship she shares with the power duo of BJP is no secret. She has just given the hibernating opposition an opportunity to attack BJP.

Destiny is not forgiving. When the time came to choosing a Modi as a friend. She just chose the wrong one.

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