The God’s own country turns into cartoon Network

The God’s own country turns into cartoon Network

I am tired of seeing every child scolded for watching Cartoon.

Parents in their zeal to make their kids “over disciplined”, bind them by rules. The same set of rules, we hated when we were kids :).

Now the time has come for our kid’s to get back at their parents and ask them to switch off the cartoon they watch in front of all family members.

The violence, absurdity is nothing in comparison to what they watch in chota bheem, kisna, raju, blah-2.

Welcome to the new serial streaming live from God’s own Country on Cartoon Network. This is one serial which puts the worst of cartoons and best of action movies to shame.

The law of land is not applicable here and it’s an open house. You can bite, punch, kick the person you dislike and this is not somekind of khatron ke khialdi anchored by rohit Shetty.

I am talking about the latest assembly session in kerala where the ruckus created by leaders of opposition and ruling party created a standard, the Toms and Jerrys of cartoon network can never dare to match.

This is not the first time, our leaders have led by example in assemblies.

We have had saris pulled, chairs thrown, boxing bouts done in our state assemblies in past but the nautanki yesterday was exemplary. The whole house participated actively in the bout.

Like always, the images are for everyone to see and comprehend on what went behind the scenes.

I have great respect for our leaders. In the past they were busy setting an example for adults by teaching them corruption, obscenity, etc, etc but this time, they have gone a step ahead and replaced our kids cartoon characters with themselves.

How noble is this?

Here are some of the images from the episode of “When God’s own country decides to go Devilish”

These are the censored ones (pahlaj nihalani) which can be used by you to educate your kids:

1. This image teaches our kids about an inspirational game called as “Never Say Die”.

Zor laga kar...

Zor laga kar…Haisha!

2. This image teaches our kids “Ekla chalo re”

Ekla cholo re


3. This images teaches our kids on how to do long and high jump elegantly in a lungiSave your Lungi


4. This one does not teach anything. Just ask your kid to think of it as a new symptom of Swine Flue.



The bite of Nation


and there are more…

As a matter of fact, there is an image where a respected aunty bites an uncle. I am hoping the uncle above is not the one complaining about the hate-bite 🙂


– The “Cartoonish” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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