The IIT Madras ban on student body teaches us the importance of “Ban-Ban”

News : IIT-Madras’ ban on student body that criticized PM Modi is a national shame

What this news means:

  1. We all are gearing up to become a “Banned Nation”.
  2. Thefurtue ofshaadis in india will be “Ban – Baaja – Baarat”. Now don’t read too much into this. I know you all
    Courtesy :

    Courtesy :

    preach simple marriages for others but when it comes to your wedding, you want the Band Baaja Baarat. Don’t worry, our religious leaders will make sure the word Band is replaced by Ban.

  3. All words with Ban in them will have Ban written explicitly to show the real meaning of word.For ex : Ban-dirt (signifying ban on dirt), Ban-dook (ban on guns), Ban-K (Ekta Kapoor please take a not of this), Ban-krupt (no explanation required. Just ban corrupts), Ban-anna (anna hazare be aware of this Ban).
  4. Students will focus more on study. No more college politics and Ban-ters.

What this does not mean is:

  1. Modi ji had anything to do with this “Ban”. Also, Smriti Irani did not interfere in this decision. She let the college decide by their own mind. Despite them being not publicly involved, you can criticize them anywhere. The big boss is always watching. So censor your words before they get you banned.
  2. We get to change name of the critically acclaimed movie bang-bang to ban-ban. (I wish we could 🙂 )
  3. Rahul Gandhi will start an “anti-ban” campaign to take on Modi.
  4. Banyan will be imported from china after Modi-ji’s visit and named Ban-Yan. (this was a bad one but my seo person has explicitly mentioned to me to write 350 words article for seo purpose. So bear with me, we are still 50 words far 😉 )

And the national news channels will slug it out in open on the pros and cons of Ban-Ban. From beef ban to all bans, BJP is just showing us the way to ban.

Next what:

Come on dude. Obviously, a ban on The Mango Man, the Mango woman. Especially, this guy who just lost track of his article to increase the seo presence.

Cut the crap. Else, there is a Ban on the way.

Holy crap. Somebody please save me from being banned by the un-banned.

  • The “Ban-Baaja-Baraat” wala Mango Man


Author: The Mango Man

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