The miserable state of Regional political parties in India

I would love to own a regional political party in India. There are so many benefits of owning one:

  1. You are the one and only voice of the party with no possibility of dissent in party ranks. Furthermore, you stay at the helm, until and unless you decide to retire or you die 🙂
  2. You can focus on party and your development from a particular region.

    Lalu Prasad Yadav

    Lalu Prasad Yadav

No wonder, these parties have failed their regions miserably.

Not that I am a big time supporter of two national parties BJP and Congress but I at least find them  to be a little more efficient than the regional outfits. The same regional outfits, who despite having great opportunity to set up themselves by focusing on their area, spoil the opportunity by indulging in rampant corruption.

The same regional parties, who in their aspiration to be national parties fail miserably outside their strongholds.

Here are some of the parties leading the “Failure Tag” by example:

Note: By terming them as failure, I do not mean to question their political clout, wealth or popularity. My observation is purely based on how they have delivered in terms of development in their states.

  1. Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP):

A party started to protect the interest of scheduled cast in country went in the direction of protecting everyone’s interests but poor.

Mayawati ji or behanji in her tenure as the CM of Uttar Pradesh (the heartland of Indian Politics) raised thousands of statues (including hers) and parks, which anyone barely visits, thereby wasting thousands of crores in satisfying her ego and realizing her dream.

While the poor and downtrodden got poorer, the party supremo got wealthier and powerful.

In the end, voters tired of seeing her everywhere (from TV to by the side of road as statues) decided to take a break from her by Voting against the party in recent lok sabha elections.

The results (BSP did not win a single seat) were a reflection of how much tired the public had gotten of her egotist behavior.

Today BSP spends time in isolation trying to rebuild the lost vote base and figuring out “what went wrong”.


  1.  Samajwadi Party (SP):

Talk of lawlessness and the first state that comes to your mind is Uttar Pradesh and the first party name which comes to your mind is Samajwadi Party. The inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh are always asked to choose from the lesser of two evils in every election (SP or BSP) and they follow turn based voting in U.P.

BSP always makes way for SP and SP for BSP.

Ironically, nothing changes. One party is interested in erecting statues (BSP) and the other is too busy to look at the law and order situation in state but both have achievements to show as The crime figures always remains low.

No prizes for guessing the reason behind this. The police never registers a FIR in Uttar Pradesh and when they do, the case is closed asap.

I have shared my experience with UP Police in a past blog “The Useless Indian Police: A Second Hand experience (in progress)

Moving beyond U.P (I get too stuck to U.P, considering my kismat connection with the state : born here, working here J and if I am lucky…will not die here)

  1. Trinamool Congress

“An opportunity well missed” is what Mamata Banerjee say, when the tired residents of West Bengal throw her party out in next elections.

She had the rare opportunity of doing something legendary state. A state, which had just come out of shackles of 25+ years of misrule under CPI(M).

Unfortunately, her party ended up emulating their predecessors and West Bengal moved from being bad to worse, in development.

Today, no industry wants to invest there and the existing ones are leaving for other states, which offer tax incenntives and show an iron fist in dealing with trade unions.

The Lawlessness in rural area is at its peak. The TMC membership is what you need to take the law in your hand and the future is grim.

With the sharda scam swiftly getting to all her close confidants, the future does not look very bright for the party.

Despite all this, the CM remains defiant and in oblivion of her surroundings.

For her, everything is a BJP or a CPI(M) conspiracy.

As I mentioned earlier “This is an opportunity the party will rue when they lose power.”

  1. Akali Dal:

Punjab used to be a land of prosperity and wealth. What we have today is a state loaded with debt, trying to regain the lost legacy.

Akali Dal’s mismanagement and corruption methods could put Lalu Prasad’s tenure in Bihar to shame.

Destroyed a prosperous state is no rare art.

Today, the state is infamously fighting against the drug menace. A battle they stand to lose because the youth does not have any future to look at.

There are no job opportunities and the state government has their priorities set at other money making businesses like getting all Gurdwaras under their control, etc, etc.

There are many more in the list like Lalu’s party, which literally took Bihar to primitive ages. He ended up chewing all the money and the crap (gobar) was left for the public to clean.

Then there is AIADMK, DMK. Parties, whose corruption scandals are an indispensable part of India’s history.

Add to the list, shiv sena, deve gowda’s janta dal and you have a fair idea on what i am trying to imply through this blog.

Though the situation is not as bad as I make it look. There have been few surprises like Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik but these are rare cases and do not convince me to believe Regional parties can do any good to their states.

The lack of autonomy and authoritative decision-making makes these parties too regressive.

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