Three takeaways from Bihar Assembly Elections 2015

Two months back I wrote an article on the alliances forged in Bihar to fight elections. My assessment was based on how political parties, who are like chalk and cheese have come together to form alliances (read : Bihar Elections : A story of Hawabaaz, Kaamkaji and Confused Voters). Thereby, leaving the voters of state confused. I predicted how Nitish Kumar is confusing his loyal voter base by joining hands with Lalu Yadav. After the results, I can proudly say “I should stop predicting election results. The egg which landed on my face after these election results does not make

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for a good sight 🙂 “.

Not only has the alliance of Nitish and Lalu won the elections by a huge margin, they have given a life line to the non-existent Congress in Bihar.

The political dynamics of country will change from today. By losing Bihar elections, BJP has missed a golden opportunity to get a majority in Rajya Sabha. This means, congress will block more bills without any reason (like BJP did when it was in opposition) in next session of parliament. Since BJP cannot dream of majority in the upper house of parliament, you and I can kiss goodbye to any bill passing in next session of parliament.

So much for development and maturity from our political parties. Huh!

Getting back to Bihar Election. The Election saw some high voltage drama in between the BJP and Nitish Kumar Alliance. Any good student of politics can learn A to Z of politics by just observing this election.

There was so much to learn from our political masters. I can write a book by the name “Bihar Elections: A story of Hawabaaz, Kaamkaji and smart Voters” covering Bihar’s political tamasha.

Well! I would leave this to the smart journalists covering the elections. I did learn few good lessons from these elections.

Here are my takeaways from Bihar elections 2015:

  1. The size of fight in Dog is more relevant than the size of dog in a fight:

After New Delhi election fiasco (where BJP was decimated by AAP), I am sure BJP did not want to leave any stone unturned to win Bihar. They had a campaign supported by technology, ground staff, helicopters, politicians, movie stars, etc, etc. You name it they had it.

The PM of country personally visited Bihar so many times that sometimes you wondered, if he was the CM candidate from BJP for this election.

By the way, can they do this? How about amending constitution to allow a person to be a PM and CM both. This was BJP can openly declare Mr. Modi as the CM candidate for every state elections J

Despite all this huge expenditure and planning, they failed to convince voters. The showbiz failed to bedazzle the voters of Bihar. This is the second time BJP has bitten dust even after splurging a huge amount of money on their campaigns,

The writing on wall is everyone to see. Extravagant campaigns do not win you elections.

  1. Religion based politics sucks

I don’t know if crackers were burst in Pakistan today, as predicted by Amit shah but I am sure Diwali has come early for Congress, JD(U), RJD. Incidentally, none of them have an office in Pakistan 🙂 .

Did BJP go overboard by unnecessarily passing stray comments on Muslims through their party motor mouths? Was attack on Shahrukh khan a stupid blunder? Did Modi miss a chance by not speaking on Dadri Lunching?

I am sure they will introspect all this in next few days. Irrespective of what comes out of their introspection, the verdict is clear. There is no space of religion based politics in India. It sucks!

Time to move beyond irrelevant issues like cow, religion, mandir, masjid, blah-2.

Let’s talk development. BJP has to realize the sooner they make development (strength of Narendra Modi ji) as an agenda, the faster they will gain in next elections.

  1. Exit Polls need to exit our lives:

NDTV’s exit polls of Bihar Elections will go down in history of India as the “Jumla Exit Polls” of all times. Their prediction was not way off target. It was without a target. My grandmother can do better prediction than these guys.

Then there was Chanakya polls, who will soon hear from real chanakya’s lawyers from heaven for giving a bad name to the wise man.

Frankly speaking. Government should ban exit polls. There is no point in wasting everyone’s beautiful Sunday with reports from these idiots. And please sack the exit poll team in your office “NDTV”.

These are my 3 major learnings from these elections. Apart from this, I learned the real winner is the average voter who is now smart enough to not fall for dreams sold by politicians of today.

I feel for all BJP workers celebrating the early “presumed” win of their party by ordering ladoos. I know the order was cancelled as soon as they heard the “shocking news”. I can empathize with them, as I too predicted a wrong result. The only difference being, I predicted 2 months back. They were still predicting on the day of results based on early trends.

This does not change anything. Despite not getting even a single ladoo, I still feel sorry for them 🙁

This election saw resurgence of Lalu “Fodder” Yadav. (The one who rose from ashes like a phoenix…wah-2!) I hope Lalu ji does not make Nitish a Lalu. The very thought of good old dreadful Jungle Raj Days of Bihar are not a pleasant memory.

The real test of Nitish Kumar this time is to keep him in check and ensure all the good work done by him in last 10 years is not wasted by the “Coalition Dharma”.

On an ending Note, a lesson for BJP “BJP should now realize Cow gives milk not Vote” #BiharResults

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