Time to Stop Politics over Rapes

Yesterday, Delhi woke up to a horrible news of two rape cases of minors. As expected, Politicians lined up to visit the families of minors. Empathized with them. Made some empty promises and politicized the matter by blaming the other party for this situation.

You must be thinking. Seriously! Can they do this? How do they have the audacity to do this? Don’t they have any rapes in indiaempathy left in them? What about shame?

Like everyone, I am disgusted at these two incidents. I wish we all can come out of our convenience zone and do something to prevent these incidents in future.

Since we are too tied up with our day-to-day lives living with the hope, the worse cannot happen to us. We expect our leaders to look after us. A mistake with which we have paid dearly in past and will cost us dearly in future.

These leaders are nothing less than disgusting. They use every crime as an opportunity to get into mudslinging and score points over their opponent. Congress has blamed AAP, BJP has blamed AAP and AAP has blamed central Government.

Question is “Where does the buck stop?”

Well. Let’s get a reality check. First and foremost, they are politicians. Secondly, they speak as per the nature of vote bank, not incident.

The incumbent CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal after his visit to the families of rape victims blamed Delhi Police for these rapes. He also blamed Modi, BJP, LG for the law and order condition in New Delhi.

Anyone who stays in Delhi-NCR has a fair idea of how well AAP and Central Government get along with one another. They fight over every minor issue. Kejriwal wants control of police. Central Government throws him the rule book. Kejriwal sulks. Central Government smirks.

The citizen of Delhi suffer in silence.

This cycle has been in action since AAP came to power with an overwhelming majority in Delhi.

I have usually supported Kejriwal’s style of politics. Not this time. I am disgusted at him for politicizing this issue. Kejriwal should have waited for some time before firing a salvo at his beta-noire LG “Jung” and Prime Minister of India. This was not the moment or time to politicize the matter.

He should have refrained from joining the bandwagon of politicians, who were blaming each other for this horrendous crime.

This incident did not need Politics. Kejriwal has to understand the rules and regulations under which Delhi functions. He is an ex-government officer, who has full knowledge of the working of Delhi.

We all know Delhi’s state government can never control police because of clear rules in constitution. Despite this, he beats the bush when an opportunity arises.

The police has caught all accused within a short time frame. I know this cannot undo the bad done to two minors but neither will his speeches.

The family of rape victims need help. They will probably need counselling, government’s help in meeting health related expenses for victims undergoing surgeries and a lot of prayers. The law of land should make sure, the guilty are given the maximum punishment for this offence. More rules/laws can be framed to ensure such kind of crimes can be avoided in future.

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many things the family of victims need and none of them is “Politics”.

Some time back, I wrote an article : who is to be blamed for rapes in India?. Today I feel so gutted after reading this news. We all know who is to be blamed for rapes in India. Still, we overlook the obvious. Our politicians misguide us. They promise us moon and deliver us B** S*** . Worse. We trust them with our lives.

Coming back to Kejriwal’s statement on these rape cases. Since Kejriwal is so concerned about the law and order condition in New Delhi, how about he delivers on few promises he made before elections like installing CCTV cameras all across Delhi.

We all can do our bit. He can do a little more than the usual “bit” by virtue of his power as CM of Delhi. How about AAP majority controlled assembly passes some strict laws for rape accused. Probably, death penalty or stoned to death. I am sure even LG will not have the guts to strike down this rule.

I am rarely disappointed with other political parties when they pass such political statements over crimes like rape. They are just doing their job of being Poli-tick-ions.

Not Kejriwal. He had come to power on a promise of providing us with a different brand of politics.

He has to get over his fights with Central Government. With every passing day, my disappointment increases with him and his party.

This incident proves AAP has turned into Another Ape Party trying to ape what other political parties do.

  • The “Political” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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