We all should support RSS on “anti-hindu” activities of IIT/IIM

Why Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has questioned the patriotism of IIT-IIM (the prestigious institutes of our Country) is an issue which required deep introspection. This is the first time someone has openly criticized the first word “Indian” of these institutes.

Coming from our right wing brothers, I see the issue as very pressing. In a way they are right, when they question the Indian-ness of these Bhartiya institutes.

Consider these issues:

  1. Control of Congress and leftist parties:

Our Hindu brothers are absolutely right in pointing the tight control these defeated parties have on the premier institutes. Despite us controlling the HRD/central govt, how can they control these institutes? I see no sense in rssmoving ahead with these congis controlling the cream of India with their old outdated ideas.

Since we have been busy putting “our guys” in every govt institute, how can the outsiders not from our line of thinking control the II (T/M).

  1. Non veg food in IIT-Roorkie is unholy:

This is ghor adharma. Today you IITs serve non-veg food (chicken/mutton). Tomorrow you will serve beef. I am strictly, strongly condemning your behavior. Why can’t you have veg mess, with which does not mess with our ideology? Surprisingly, the one IIT which showed the spine to dismiss our veg only rule is near the holy city of “Haridwar”. How unholy is this?

Be ready to have the ban in states of Haryana, Maharashtra come at your door step, as soon as we win next elections in Uttarakhand.

  1. Celebration of “Kiss” and Love is not love

When IIT Mumbai celebrated the kiss of love, I along with millions of Indian remained a meek spectator because my govt was not in power. Today, my hindu brothers are with me. We will not let you turn the holy word of love into some kind of kamasutra. You guys have crossed the “Lakshman lekha” of decency.


These were the issues majorly bought forward by the RSS mouthpiece. As you can see, I am in support of everything written by them. The IIT-Chennai ban was just a start. If they do not mend their ways, I have instructed our protégé to handle all these IITs / IIMs “with care”.

There are few more pressing issues other than the ones mentioned above like:

  1. Why do the pass out of these institutes export themselves outside India? When our country spends a fortune on them, how can they give benefit of the money to foreign land?
  2. Why do the fairer sex wear skimpy clothes in IIT/IIM? They should only wear the Indian dresses like salwar kameez. Guys should only wear kurta-pyajama, dhoti or something comfortable. How about introducing RSS shorts as dress code for guys?
  3. No one teaches about our rich scientific past. The udan khatola, surgery were all discovered in India 5000+ years back. Its no where in the syllabus. When our PM can speak about this openly, why do our so called “PREMIER” institutes have an issue with this. As is said, the syllabus is all westernized.
  4. Why is English only the medium to teach in these institutes? Our Hindi speaking bhai/behan suffer in the hands of these Angreji institutes. What happened to our Matra Bhasha in these institutes?

Hence I have come to the conclusion. IIT-IIM are conspiring against our deep Indian values. We need to get a strict code of conduct for them to make them fall in line.

Wait for Gajendra bhai (Yudhishtra from Mahabharata and The hero of “Jungle Love”) to put an end to student’s strike in FTII. Once we have suppressed the mutiny in FTII, IIT-IIM are next in line.

We will have few of our more eligible bandhus take over these institutes.

Jai Hind!

  • The “Bhartiya” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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