What Kejriwal Meant by calling Delhi Police a “Thulla”

In the unofficial battle between Kejriwal and Delhi Police, Kejriwal has done the unthinkable. He has called Delhi Police as “Thulla”.

Now “Thulla” by official definition of Delhi Public is a useless person. I am sure Kejriwal just reiterated what every delhiite calls police from morning to evening.

My job is to read in between the lines. Hence, I shall not get into the intentions of our esteemed AK.aap thulla

The uselessness of Indian police is legendary. With recent incidents of police officers being reported for corruption, extortion, killing, etc, etc. I see no reason the “Thulla” tag is so offensive for police of India.

Nevertheless, Delhi Police is still decent when it comes to solving crime in comparison to their rowdy cousins from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. (read : Journalist burnt alive , second-hand police experience).

The last time I was involved in a panga (where I usually get thrashed 🙂 ) Delhi Police saved my ass. This is why I think, it’s rude to call them Thulla. Considering how well-behaved, cultured dilli-wallah are, they should thank their stars for having a decent police else half of delhi would be languishing in jails 😉

I will get down to what our sir meant by this name calling.

Here is what he probably meant by calling Delhi Police a Thulla:

a. He wanted them to focus their energy away from AAP MLA. Looking at how all of them have a hidden secret, Delhi police might actually forego the thulla tag by putting all of them behind bars. Kejriwal just wanted to act as a distraction.

b. Kejriwal is planning to prepare for next elections in Bihar. Delhi has a considerable population of Biharis, who by virtue of being Dilli-wallahs have picked up the local lingo better than the native delhiites. Kejriwal used Thulla to pass the message that he is one of the herd. He can talk dilli, walk dilli, joke dilli and “Abuse Dilli”. When the delhi-Biharis go back to bihar, they should support the party Kejriwal supports.

c. He passed a secret “read in between lines” message to Jung in their official Jung. What he meant was Mr. Jung, you are next. So now Mr. Jung should use his super power to officially brand Kejriwal as Bhagoda, AK-47, etc, etc. This is so hilarious. Reminds me of my school days, when name calling was the easiest and best form of fighting.

What Kejriwal did not mean by calling Delhi Police as Thulla is:


Obviously, he meant everything the word Thulla stands for.

Delhi Police needs to get back in action. They need to dig in few more cases on AAP. Here is a suggestion for them. How about you arrest Yogendra, Bhushan. Take them on your side. There will be more secrets to spill.

This was you can arrest all AAP MLAs and BJP can come in majority in Delhi assembly.

My Thullaness commands me to get back to sleep. (It’s a lazy Saturday)

– The “Thulla” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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