When in opposition in Indian Parliament. Act like Spartans!

“You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city steps. You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same!” – King Leonidas


I chose these lines carefully for our “esteemed” opposition (Earlier BJP. Now Congress) in parliament. Let’s modify this a little to show the state of mind of opposition of our country.

“You bring the crowns and heads of corrupt leaders to my parliament steps. You insult my party. You threaten my

Courtesy : www.timescontent.com

Courtesy : www.timescontent.com

people with corruption and Vyapam (synonym for death)! Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, Party in Power. Perhaps you should have done the same!” – Mr. / Mrs. Opposition.

We will not let the parliament function.

When you have such an aggressive opposition, how on the mother earth do you expect the parliament to work. The guys in opposition are so busy fighting with the party in power that they refuse to listen to merits/demerits of the bills to be passed.

On a frank note, I don’t get irritated these days after listening to “Parliament adjourned till end of day”. I would be amused if they don’t adjourn the parliament.

Atleast, they don’t slug it out like our politicians in Kerala Assembly. So I am at peace with their actions.

For us, the mango men. Yesterday’s BJP is today’s congress. They are the two sides of the same coin, we flip every 5 years.

Few years back BJP taught the Indian Parliament, how to be a destructive opposition. They road blocked every bill, walked out of every discussion and arm twisted the greatest to give into their frivolous demands.


The tables have turned. The party in opposition today has learned the tricks of trade from them. They know how to “Obstruct” with the right amount of effort.

I feel sorry for our flamboyant Shashi Tharoor. The poor guy was reprimanded by Supreme Ma’am for opposing the move to create an uproar in parliament. He like a noble tax paying citizen of country wanted parliament to work properly.

Someone has to explain his position. He has the IPL case, which was followed by his wife’s alleged suicide hanging over his neck. He is stuck in a wrong place at a wrong time. The day he decides to side with congress, BJP would let loose “Delhi Police” on him. I side with you sir. If I was in your position, I would side with what would save my arse. To hell with the allegiance to party.

Coming back to the power of opposition. We all have to appreciate our “Parliament adjournments” as they save us the misery of watching yawning, half-asleep, slept parliamentarians. They also save us from the “not so interesting” discussions. You might as well switch to baby tv and watch the slowest moving cartoons than watch the slowest discussions on earth.

Moreover, I don’t understand the discussions, wise men have over there. Consider this. Congress did not want to discuss Coalgate, 2G Scam, this scam…that scam when in power.

Today, BJP does not want to discuss Vyapam, Lalitgate, this gate…that gate.

All they want to discuss is how to increase their salary and allowances.

Mr. Arnab (our hero of Indian News) would have asked “The whole country wants to know. Why don’t you discuss meaningful stuff? All you are interested in is canteen subsidy and your allowance”.

What makes the discussions in parliament so boring is the lack of masala. i.e, the party in power does not want to discuss their scams. They evade the opposition with “We will tell your scams too”.

Ultimately “Hamam main sabhi nangey hain”.

Everyone keeps quite and no masala is discussed. Newspapers are deprived of the real discussions. This is what makes everything so stale.

This country loves masala food. You have to trust me on this, as Mrs. Neera Yadav (the esteemed education minister) of Jharkhand made more news than you guys at center for “Paying respect” to presumed dead “APJ Abdul Kalam”. Long live his “Living soul”!

Now this is what you call as real masala news.

All you guys talk about in parliament is “We are working hard to improve country’s economy, poor will be middle class, middle class will be rich class, rich class will be obviously Politicians”

Give us a break. We know nothing is there at ground level. So chill! Let the parliament be adjourned till next elections.

I full heartedly support BJP, Congress in their attempt to make the position “Opposition in Parliament” a success.

God Bless Am…a Oh shit I meant “India”. (All these Hollywood movies have poisoned my mad).

Lots of Patriotism.

  • The “Monsoon Adjourned” Mango Man

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