When the Mango Man decided to “go Bananas”

Last few weeks have been crazy for the mango men of this country.

We have acted out of our senses by taking the law of country in our hands. The patience has given way for anger and

Courtesy : ibtimes.co.in

Courtesy : ibtimes.co.in

common sense has made way for non-sense.

How else can you explain the lynching of a youth in Dimapur for rape accusation or parading of a man nude on the streets of dimapur.

Is this the new Gangajal? Are we trying to pass a message “Since you cannot protect us, we have decided to take the law in our hands”.

I can understand the frustration of every mango man of this country. I can in fact empathize with everyone on our day-to-day struggles with law and order situation.

Police does not file FIR, Court cases drag on for years and influential get away without any punishment.

Beings me to the question, is the slow judicial system, incompetent police or useless politician reason enough for us to take the law in our hands? I think we have come too far since primitive times to declare anyone guilty ourselves and lynch them to death.

Take for example the case of Dimapur jail lunching. The accused rumored to be an illegal Bangladeshi was punished for raping a Naga girl. The issue of Bangladeshis is a sensitive issue in north-east. An issue milked by generation of politicians to swell their vote.

Now was this person killed for being a Bangladeshi or a rapist?

Was it the frustration of government’s inaction on Bangladeshis in India which led to this killing or was this a true case of taking law in our own hands to punish a rapist?

The irony is the accused lynched is an Indian, whose brothers have served in Indian Army. Irrespective of how much the local media in North East plays the Bangladesh card, they have to accept they goofed up.

And where was police when the drama unfolded? No one has the answer to this because the guy was pulled out from a prison and then lynched in a public space.

This deplorable act was worse than rape. We have just set a precedent for future generations. Imagine a scenario, where accused (not guilty) will be lynched in public in future. We will be worse than gulf countries, where at least the law decides on the quantum of punishment to guilty.

The voice of public becoming a law in itself is a very scary trend. A trend, which will make sure more innocent are killed day after day by those who have the power to incite crowds.

Our cowardliness will be exploited by those who demand the respect of crowd.

– The “Frustrated” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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