Who is Pakistan’s biggest enemy?

Since the discovery of a certain Mr. D in the posh colonies of Karachi, the debates on TV News channels have a new topic to discuss. “Where is Mr. D?”

The dreadful D Company’s boss had an electricity bill generated on his name in Karanchi. Since the revelation become a part of public space, we have had few prominent Pakistani personalities turn up on Indian TV channels denying the presence of the most wanted man of India in Pakistan.

One interesting statement from across the border through this Pakistani gentleman on Indian TV news channel was “If he is such an important man. How can his presence be known so easily.”

This summed up the attitude of a Country battling the home grown terrorism of their own.

Incidentally, Pakistan believes India’s claim on Dawood Ibrahim’s presence in Pakistan is a pigment of our imagination. I can’t blame them. This is what they said about Osama Bin Laden. Until the big guy was smoked out of his hole by a bunch of marine.

Few days back, a terrorist was caught in India. He specifically mentioned his training days in Pakistan. He was trained to disrupt life in India.

Like always, Pakistan denied any knowledge of him being a Pakistani. According to them, such a name does not exist in their database. They spoke so confidently, as if their database is like SSN database of USA.

They showed the same attitude, when Mumbai attack happened. Other than Pakistan, everyone on this earth knew

Courtesy : www.wsj.com

Courtesy : www.wsj.com

about Pakistan’s role in the horrible Mumbai attack which left hundreds dead.

Their double standards were unveiled, when a retired officer overseeing the Mumbai attack enquiry in Pakistan claimed Pakistan was involved in supporting terrorists, who were responsible for Mumbai attack.

Well. This is the sad state of Pakistan. They have dug their grave so deep that even they do not know the way out of this grave.

For years, Pakistan has supported terrorism. Their army has been a breeding ground for officers, who were deeply involved in training terrorists to attack India with help from ISI.

Today pakistan’s Taliban is hell-bent on overtaking the country. Few of the prominent leaders of Pakistan’s terrorist groups have already pledged allegiance to ISIS.

If the increase in number of attacks by terrorists in pakistan is an indication for things to come, pakistan is in deep trouble. Pakistan’s biggest enemy today is not India. The Biggest threat they face today is the home grown terrorism, created with help of funds from USA and Middle East.

Two countries, they have hoodwinked to fund terrorism.

The sooner Pakistan tames this beast, the better it is for the country.

The country can do a lot better than just be in denial mode about their involvement in terrorists activities in India.

When NSA of Pakistan gives a statement “Nuclear power Pakistan knows how to defened itself” You cannot help but frown on the foolishness of a country, en route to self-destruction.

The day is not far when terrorists will lay their hands on the nuclear arsenal in Pakistan. The first country they will bomb is Pakistan, to make it a part of Caliphate of ISIS.

India is right in calling off NSA level talks with Pakistan. You cannot shake hands with enemies. The same enemy, who refuses to accept the Obvious.

I was quite impressed to see Sushma Swaraj talking on Pakistan in a press conference. Irrespective of the controversy around Modigate, she has rebounded back quite smartly.

India cannot afford to let go off an experienced person like her from foreign ministry.

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