Who is responsible for Delhi’s stink?

The litterbugs can rejoice. They can finally claim Delhi as the capital city of their kingdom.

BJP Controlled Corporations, Kejriwal controlled AAP or Municipal Employees. Who is the one responsible for Delhi’s stink?

This is the question baffling everyone in Delhi. I know it’s difficult to focus on getting the answer with so much stink around. Still I see no harm in introspecting the stink of Delhi.

Corporations blame Delhi Government for not clearing their dues. Kejriwal blames corporations for running their organizations in an unprofessional way, thereby incurring heavy losses and the corporation employees (safai karamcharis) have decided to not pick up brooms, until and unless their dues are cleared.

They also want future assurance for prompt payment of their salaries.

MCD employees are on strike and this time they have refused to budge.MCD strike Delhi

This is a deadlock situation.

So who among these squabbling entities is involved in bringing the capital city to its knees?

The public is divided. Some blame Kejriwal for playing dirty politics with BJP by not releasing proper amount to corporations for paying salaries of their employees.

They feel this time Kejriwal has gone too far by putting city at a grave risk by indulging in petty politics.

Then we have the second lot of public consisting of those, who have seen BJP controlled corporations go from bad to worse over the years. According to them, BJP control corporations are mismanaged. There is huge corruption in how these corporations are run.

The third lot does not want to come forward. They fear, safai karamcharis will throw garbage outside their home, if they blame them for this mess. We all fear the guy who picks herbage outside our house J

The corporation employees, who have refused to pick broom (not because its AAP’s symbol 😉 ) are an angry lot. Their payments are irregular and they have lost confidence in administration.

I feel for them. They do our dirtiest job and when it comes to getting paid. They are not the white collared employees who make the 6 figure salaries.

They have families, who depend on their very average salary to run their homes.

Tough time calls for tough measures. I am sure, they were well beyond the breaking point to have taken this extreme step.

At least, they got our attention.

I am in support of their movement on all the points other than the one, where they have attacked AAP for failure to pay their salaries.

Why are they only attacking AAP? Aren’t they employed by BJP controlled corporations?

This is where the stink becomes political.

Coming back to who is responsible for Delhi’s stink?

This is Delhi, my friends. The political capital of this country.

“Blame game” runs in veins of politicians here. Every party I point my fingers to points fingers at the other “party”

God save the city!

  • The “stinking” Mango Man


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Author: The Mango Man

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