Who is to be blamed for Rapes in India?

Sex is a taboo in India. The Indian culture which takes pride in a book that has revolutionized sex, kamasutra suddenly has a closed chapter called as “Never discuss sex”.

Let’s go back a little to the time, when Mughals ruled India.

Source : www.financialgazette.co.zw

Source : www.financialgazette.co.zw

With them came the second class treatment to Women. Suddenly, women were the inferior of the two genders confined to being home makers and while the men went around marrying N number of women, they were asked to raise kids and act at the command of their boss (read men).

Despite the Mughals being overthrown by British, the second class citizen treatment to women continued in the country. Sati, polygamy, dowry, etc. the list was endless and appalling.

Fast forward to today and nothing seem to have changed. We still treat women the same way and expect them to work at our command.

Add to above, the love for having a boy child. With so many ifs and buts coming with a girl child, a boy is looked upon as the heir to the fictitious throne owned by every tom dick and harry in our country.

The “khandan ka chiraag” is what everyone wants in the family, which has led to female foeticide being a normal routine in state like Punjab and Haryana.

Now imagine a scenario, where the girl population is at a decline, sex is a taboo, women are second grade citizens and Education is an alien term in the rural India.

The Indian men still believes they can get away with any crime.

Such is the shamelessness that they call rape, sexual harassment a Mistake.

Till the Nirbhaya case happened, the legal system too worked at its own pace. Police like always was Indian Police (I don’t need to elaborate on this). I mean, everything was working at its own pace.

Ultimately, even if someone was caught indulging in this heinous crime, the case dragged on for years like a slow poison killing the energy of the victim and the family.

As they say “Justice delayed is Justice Denied” and this is what happened when cases went through the route of “Tareekh par Tareekh”.

Who do we turn to? Our lawmakers/Politicians, who are known to rarely act smart (other than elections campaigns) have weird  believes like women getting raped for wearing skimpy cloth to blaming women equally for rapes…They simple cannot be trusted.

Heights of male chauvinism was when one of the so called “renowned leader” of this country went on to say “Boys make mistakes. Why hang them?”

It is indeed too much of a herculean task to expect them to act mature or behave with little sensibility.

The recent Delhi rape case (uber app) has again bought back the attention to the gruesome Nirbhaya rape case. This case is a rude reminder on where we as a country are we heading for.

Suddenly the hypocrisy and double standard of everyone stands exposed. Every influential person (politicians, journalist, activist, etc) wants to jump on the publicity bandwagon and give media their views. Alas! The views are all in a single monotonous tone of “I told you so”.

Yes sir/ma’am you told us so but where were you, when the government slept over the proposal to make this country more secure for women?

Since you are so influential, how about you use a little of this influence to bring government’s attention to take some proactive measures.

You are absolutely right when you want to ban Uber or any web based service providing unauthorized service but where were you till date? Why let them break the rule in the first place? How about having strict measures to ensure, we stay a little ahead of these monsters.

Too many questions and too little answers.

I guess I am confused to answer this question.

I am very sure The Mughals started the crap by making the males feel like super humans.

The Politicians of our country come in next for doing little or nothing till date.

Next in the line would be the Lack of education and exposure for our rural crowd.

Add to it, the Skewed sex ratio. A rude reminder on how fast we are loosing the girl population in India.

The Chirag of the family is sexually starved and cannot do anything about this. So he goes out hunting and finding prey in the form of innocent women.

The last but not the least would be Our super Police, which barely wants to register a complaint. Forget FIR and our Overburdened judicial system, where cases drag on and on and on….

Over to you Mr. Mango man.

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Author: The Mango Man

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