Who should pay for Vijay Mallya’s mistakes?

The king of good times has disappeared from India.

Although, he is still active on twitter. We are yet to find a way to prosecute his twitter account.

The diplomatic policy with the USA does not allow prosecution of twitter accounts :).

I am sure Vijay Mallya (now the king of debt times) is sitting comfortably in his Country house in England pitying the Indian government, bureaucracy, CBI, Banks and every single entity he has evaded before flying royally out of Vijay Mallya Kingfisher Airlinesthe country of his birth.

Few days back, Mr. Mallya resigned as a director from Royal Challengers Bangalore (the IPL franchisee owned by him).

His son, the Jr. Mallya (whose bank account details he refuses to share with banks) will stay on board.

He will serve as an “honorary” member. I am still unsure of what honorary means here. Will he be honoured for screwing happiness of thousands of kingfisher employees or is he already honoured for running an IPL franchisee, despite owing banks thousands of crores?

Looking at the events witnessed in last few days/weeks, we can be sure this royal kingfisher (Vijay Mallya) is no way migrating back to India.

banks today stand at 9000 Cr INR of debt (courtesy: kingfisher airlines).

Add to this, the amount he owed to Tax departments, employees, etc and you have enough money to feed an entire country in Africa.

So who will now pay for all the follies of Mr. Mallya ?

The buck needs to stop at someone.

If Mr. Mallya does not come back (I am sure he won’t), we should make these parties pay for his misdeeds:

  1. The Banking heads:

I understand Vijay Mallya’s liquor brands were very popular.
“One of the best” is what they were called in the market.

But were they reason enough for our banking system to act like drunkards and dole out loans worth thousands of crores to his sick units?

Did they drink his “good” liquor and signed loans in an inebriated state ?

The managers, management, babus. Every single damn person involved in approving the loan should be made to pay for this fiasco.

Even if we recover 1 Cr from the guilty bank officials, we will pass a right message to the population of the country.

  1. Politicians:

How our government banks are controlled by politicians is an open secret?

How Years after years, these banks have funded the sick units of our corporate is a part of case studies of all MBA finance courses.

Don’t we need to go and find the honourable political heads of the banks, under whose stewardship banks rolled our millions, without even understanding the risk they are putting their bank into.

The same public banks who treat normal customers like shit suddenly gifted millions on a platter to an airline which was flown only to make a loss is a no brainer.

How can the biggest financial institutions of this country be so naïve?

I am sure, we have a series of politicians who have benefited with kickbacks received in lieu of getting the loans approved.

  1. RCB:

Royal Challengers of Bangalore, the IPL franchisee should be auctioned. This franchisee from day one was a slap in the face of every single employee of kingfisher, whom Mallya owed money.

The day he bought Yuvraj Singh for whooping 16 Cr is the day the government of this country should have put him behind bars.

Imagine, he had money to splurge on a tournament which had become a den of corruption but he did not have a penny to pay to the employees he left in a lurch.

This is the mockery of our government, our judicial system and of us – the citizens of the country.

  1. Air India:

How can the lousy maharaja stay behind when I write on a topic related to Indian aviation industry? Did you know, the lazy, lousy, inefficient maharaja lost more than 40K INR during the time period Kingfisher lost 7K crore INR.

I am sure you wouldn’t.

Why would you? They do not borrow from banks. They are not accountable to anyone.

And most importantly, they are the “Maharajas of Indian sky”.

No wonder, our politicians still want to run the maharaja for another 200 years.

So when the maharaja lost more money than the King of good times, why are the politicians who ran the show (Praful Patel, Ajit Singh and much more) not held guilty for screwing the nation so royally?

Since we cannot get hold of Mallya, how about we get hold of Air India and recover our tax money (khoon pasiney ki kamayi) from Air India.


When I read stories of kingfisher employees, I am aghast. With Kingfisher, they lost hope.

Today when the tax department sends them a notice to recover the tax money Mallya flew away with, they are helpless.

Such is the condition of a mango man of this country.

We live in nothing less than the Banana Republic.

They were cheated by a corporate, who did not give a f*** about the country’s government.

Such was his audacity that he threw lavish parties on his birthday, despite owing the country.

Today, Mallya can stand up and ask “Why me? Why not ministers who ran the maharaja so inefficiently?”

Sounds similar to what BJP said “Congress allowed quattrochi and warren Anderson to run away with impunity. They cannot question us?”

They are right. We are a country of jokers who will kill in the name of a cow, shoot in the name of love jihad and do every monkey dance our politicians ask us to do.

But when it comes to asking our government “Sir/Ma’am. We know the last government sucked. Why can’t you be a little better and promise us a better future?” one of the reasons we got you into “power”.

We will meekly submit to their answer of “The last one did so”.

I wish I could write “We all should pay for Mallya’s mistakes” but I cannot because we already are paying for guys like him for years and will pay for another 100 years.

This is our destiny.

Author: The Mango Man

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