Why “A Clean Delhi” is a distant reality

Courtesy : urbanupdate.in

Courtesy : urbanupdate.in

Time to be an activist. Our Clean and Green Delhi, the capital city of country has choked enough with air pollution, water pollution and any type of pollution available in city.

We cannot just see it getting strangled by pollution to death.

After the recent survey showing Delhi as the most polluted city in the world, everyone is talking pollution. Yeah. The same black smog engulfing the beloved city of ours.

The talk of town is “Walk the Talk”. We will clean the air, unpollute Yamuna and will behave 🙂

I love it, when the hidden ACTIVIST inside all of us is asked questions and provoked to act.

But the real question is how do we plan to act?

In my last discussion with fellow mango men over tea. Our home version of “Chai pe charcha” we discussed about Delhi. Everyone over there was genuinely concerned about the rising pollution level.

Although, none of them understood how delhi can be so polluted. The jargons used by newspapers are too much for them to digest with daily tea.

The hidden activist inside me had already taken over the selfish me before my turn came to speak. (I am in Delhi…how can we have turns? :). What I meant was, the activist inside me forced others to listen to me.

When I mix up my superficial knowledge with my strong voice for Issues, believe me I am the unstoppable mango man :D.

This is what I suggested as series of steps (some of them are from NGT fighting it out like a lone warrior against us):

  1. Putting a ban on buying of new cars
  2. Penalizing homes with unnecessary more number of cars
  3. Implement NGT’s rule to ban old, ageing vehicles
  4. Yamuna bachao Andolan.

By the time I could finish with my speech to save delhi ki hawa, I was interrupted by Kapoor ji, who has a flourishing transport business in old delhi.

He chided me for talking bull s**t. well, I should have gotten the hint.

Few days after this meeting, the transporter’s association had threatened to go on strike.

Anyways, Kapoor ji was joined by Gupta ji. Now Gupta ji has a “kothi” in Greater Kailash-1. Incidentally, the kothi has a parking space for 2 and gupta ji has 4 cars.

Looking at the family member: car ratio, Gupta ji’s dog also has a personal Car (if you map members of family to number of cars owned by them). They are 4 family members inclusive of the “not so cute” Pomeranian dog.

Gupta ji objected to me talking like Sarkar. He attacked me by calling me an incompetent fool, who talks, walks, eats, shits like Sarkar. If only, he knew I had a blog and he would be famous tomorrow. He could have spared me the misery of trashing my intellect level in front of fellow chai pe charcha group.

There went 2 of my creative ideas in dustbin.

I did put up a stand by giving example of china and Singapore but was bulldozed by most in to accepting, India is no china or Singapore 🙁

Our group has a retired uncle from army. The uncle owns a Maruti esteem. The Maruti’s esteem is connected to uncle’s esteem. An observation I made after watching him clean his car for 2 hours every day religiously every morning at 6 am.

Incidentally, my third idea was an indirect shot at his esteem. Army officers don’t take lightly to anyone hurting their pride.


I was court marshaled for giving frivolous ideas.

With loss of 3 out of 4 ideas, I was on back foot. Well this was not the end of my ideas being booted out of the door.

Khanna ji, the mr. noddy of our group (he nods fanatically on every idea) owns a factory in delhi. His factory provides all the necessary ingredients for Yamuna to be what it is.

He just gave me “the look” over my last idea of Yamuna bachao andloan. I knew my time was over. The next cup of chai was gulped in a jiffy without any more ideas from me.

Deep down I knew “Is dilli ka hum kuch nahi honey dengey”

– The “Polluted” Mango man

Author: The Mango Man

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