Why are we scared of facing the mirror?

The interview of Rape convicts (Nirbhaya Case) has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Everyone from Ministers to Journalists are debating the merits or demerits of this interview. Some have even gone to the extent of calling this a black day in the history of journalism or the lowest level to which journalism can stoop.

As a common man (mango man) with little knowledge of such complicated matter, I disagree with our Ministers and

Courtesy : muftah.org

Courtesy : muftah.org


This interview is in no way threatening to anyone. This interview does not harm anyone or weaken the Nirbhaya Case. On the contrary, this interview is a true reflection of our society.

This interview is a slap on the face of all Indian Men who Objectify women as sex objects. This interview is a punch in our stomach, which leaves us gasping for air.

When the rape convict speaks “We could have spared her, if she had not fought back”. Don’t you feel disgusted? Well, I did. Unfortunately, I still want this to be telecasted fully. I want all of us to see the mindset of Indian men, who are remorseless about committing such crime.

This made me realize that India is still not safe for women. Women are still vulnerable at night. The uber rape case being a recent example and none of the Governments at centre or state are serious about taking any steps to protect women.

Despite all the hue and cry after Nirbhaya, none of the governments since then has taken any concrete steps.

The mockery of the Nirbaya case had started the day UPA allocated a huge chunk of money for women safety and then slept over the proposals to carry out the points for the rest of its tenure.

The funds remain unutilized till the last day of UPA Government and the proposal crawled on papers like every government proposal.

Then we had BJP coming to power, giving us high hopes about women safety, women empowerment, etc, etc. Unfortunately, in its zeal to cut short every scheme of UPA, BJP has decided to further cut down the budget allocated for this scheme.

So those of you looking for any new steps or revival of old steps can kiss good-bye to any Steps.

As I mentioned earlier. The mockery started when UPA started the proposal…It has only worsen since then.

The ground level reality is, no one cares about women and their rights. Irrespective of the education women receive, they will always be treated unfairly against men.

The lawyer representing Nirbhaya case passed a statement about burning his daughter, if she was found outside the home at late hours with a guy.

Well I can understand, the protective nature of a father but will he do the same, if his son was outside with his girlfriend at late hours?

We all know the answer.

I am in favor of this interview being shown as a tool to educate our society on how monstrous we have become. Let this interview be a slap on face of everyone, who thinks they can get away with rapes.

In fact, the hanging of these rape victims should be shown live on TV.

I might sound like a supporter of barbaric Arab laws here. I know I do but don’t you think, time has come for us to stop debating about such trivial matters like interviews.

Don’t you think, we ought to take measures for such bunch of monsters, who think they can get away with something as horrendous as Rape?

Time has come for us to face the mirror and accept the reality.

We ought to stop blaming foreigners for showing our ugly underbelly in their documentaries.

Whether it’s the slum, rapes, traffic. Let’s face the mirror bravely and accept who we are.

We have an ugly underbelly and there is no point hiding the same by banning stuff which shows our reality.

– The “Confused and Angry” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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