Why can’t we dump Air India, the lousy Maharaja?

This has been long-awaited. For how long can Air India survive without public money?

They are the ones who have the power to go strength to strength (on public money).

These guys put the worse of parasites to shame. I wrote earlier on how Air India has turned in to a parasite living off taxpayer’s money.

This was the article I wrote around 3 months back. Guess what? Nothing has changed. They are worse than what

Courtesy : The Hindu

Courtesy : The Hindu

they were.

In fact, if I write my 2 months old article 5 years from today, the article would not have to be modified a bit.

Since I last wrote, here is how Air India managed to keep us entertained (with some intelligent observations from me):

News 1: Air India and its “hardworking” crew slugged it out for “the rest” required by crew.

How hilarious can this get? How about we give them permanent rest? Let the country rest in peace.

News 2 : Air India was accused of paying its junior airline pilots on ad-hoc basis.

Why can’t they fly their planes with 1 pilot and save some cost?

News 3: Air India fired few of its crew members for regularly delaying flights.

You might be thinking “how Air India got the spine to do the unthinkable?”.

Well. Kudos to them! By the way, did they take approval from union for taking this unthinkable step?

News 4: Maximum pilots from the prestigious Air India fail the psychological test.

ROFL! Why the hell did we go make them go through this ordeal? What was the union doing?

Damn it! Next time they force the pilots to undergo any test, they should stop any flight from flying.

Can they do this?

Obviously they can. They are Air India Pilots. They still have not flexed their muscles and shown us their real face. How about they turn to jats of Rajasthan for some inspiration.

News 5: A pilot of AI was grounded for reporting drunk.

Now this is pure injustice. How can someone be grounded for turning up drunk.

I mean 2-3 pegs is not drunk. We drive on what is left of our roads with country liquor inside our stomach and still reach the destination intact.

The poor guy just had few drinks. His only fault was, he wanted to fly a plane. A plane in sky without bumpy roads of India. I think, he was ill-treated. I will write to AI union taking this issue strongly with them.

News 5: Rats visit Maharaja

Dare you say anything about the vehicle of lord Ganesha? The vehicle was there to make sure if Maharaja had any issues. This was like a meeting of two high level dignitaries from heaven and earth. Meeting went off well and Rats were treated to some good food in AI, which was to be served to passengers

No one complained, since lord’s vehicle was there on a good-will visit. How godly.

News 6: Tata are no longer interested in AI

Why? Probably Tata does not know the potential of AI or they have lost business sense. They should understand, this is one Airline which can withstand any storm and or losses. How reliable can you get. If I was a TATA, AI is the first business I was investing in.

Finally, the destination Air India has reached today. They want government to influx Rs. 1777 Cr in Maharaja.

As they say “Journey is the real experience. Destination is just a boring destination”. (I made this up 🙂 )

Air India has made this journey of last 3 months so worthwhile for me. I thanks my bad writing skills for not taking up this topic of AI earlier.

If it was not for them, I was without an article to write today.

What should government do?

Don’t you make any wild guesses? Government will obviously fund them. This is our moral obligation to fund them. How else will neta, babu and other government servants travel for free in Air?

Air India is our damaad ji. In India, we don’t offend damaads 🙂

Long live the Maharaja!

– The “Flying high” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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