Why Gajendra Chauhan is an eligible candidate for Film and Television Institute of India (FTII, Pune)

For how long can the students of FTII (Film and Television Institution of India) prolong their strike is the question on everyone’s mind.

Before this incident happened, I didn’t even know what FTII was.

Nevertheless, our diligent media does not let any news go unreported. Especially, when the news involves future filmgajendra chauhan personalities of the country.

We are in the nth week of strike of FTII students. Their demand to get rid of poor Yudishtra (read: Gajendra Chauhan) has fallen on deaf ears. It’s a deadlock situation. None of the two parties refuses to move an inch from their demand.

Government wants the talented actor from the super hit movie Jungle Love to continue as the chairman of FTII. Students want someone more talented than him to come onboard.

I stand firmly behind government’s choice. First and foremost, the guy has played the role of Yudishtra in past. He is someone who has high ethical standards i.e, even if the institute was to stay closed for another 5 years, he will not let go off the promise he made to the government of being an obedient chairman.

Secondly, he is the one who can teach students about:

  1. The role of environment in films.
  2. Enacting vulgar scenes with elegance

Let me put a tube light on the above two points and enlighten thou’s mind.

Check the name of movies done by Gajendra ji:

Jungle Love, Jungle Ki Rani, Jungle Ka Beta .

He has done more jungle movies than the star cast of jurrasic park (including the dinosaurs) put together. This is no mean achievement. Looking at how arrogantly the last few govt have pushed for Land Bill, he is the guy who can teach them a thing or two about not getting rid of Jungle. The perfect environmentalist. By virtue of the movies done by him, he is someone who knows jungle ki rani. His love for the jungle has bought him the name Jungle ka beta and this is not it….Forget it. I cannot write, he made l*** in Jungle. The censor board under the leadership of Pankaj ji is keeping an eye on guys like me. I like to be uncontroversial.

The next point is very simply connected to the elegance Gajendra sir has shown in his lovemaking scenes in past movies. He is from the era when Gulshan grover, Ranjeet, Raj Babbar, Shakti Kapoor did some of the worst love making scenes on-screen. This guy bought respect to how love should be made. The true hidden art of kama-sutra. I think he is the undisputed leader, who brings environment, acting, love making to the institute. How on the filmi earth can we ignore him?

Other than the illustrious career and qualities of Yudishtra, I see one more reason to keep him as the chairman.

The other candidates in line from BJP sakshi ji maharaj, hema malini, shatru “gun” Sinha, Alok Nath are nothing in comparison to our incumbent chairman. His towering personality overshadows everyone.

Isliye “Khamosh!” (Shotgun style)

I would also ask Rahul Gandhi to spend some time elsewhere. He should not politicize FTTI. His visit has been well promoted, marketed by his PR Team but this is not the place to promote yourself. There are poor farmers dying in different parts of country,. How about doing a little more than just a photo session with them?

Time to get back to work.

  • The “Nautankibaaj” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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