Why I support Government’s draft encryption policy on Whatsapp, Twitter and FB

You cannot help but wonder how much “Vela” (idle) time our government policy makers have.

Their draft policy (now withdrawn) had framework to make it mandatory for us (the real vela users of whatsapp) to store data for last 9 months.

All of you cribbing on this government policy should be happy, Section 66A of IT is still not implemented 🙂 .Whatsapp ban

Frankly speaking, I am a little disheartened with how our government bowed to pressure from netizens on this policy. First and foremost, our government’s intentions were noble. They just wanted to check our data for last few months to make sure we have not done anything termed “illegal”.

Secondly, they wanted to build a framework where we use these tools like responsible citizens.

Obviously the definition of illegal is subjected to rules laid out by government. For ex, watching porn, sending stupid adult jokes, communicating with your GFs, trying to promote meat, etc, etc. is now illegal. While, killing an atheist, thrashing a bunch of youngsters on the name of love jihad, banning valentine’s day is not illegal.

From what I understand, the policy was drafted to get hold of undisciplined citizens like you and me. The ones caught doing stuff which is deemed illegal as per Indian culture (courtesy: guidelines by Mr. Batra) were to be sent to a centre (fully air-conditioned) to detoxicate their mind.

How noble is this?

And we fight our government on this noble intention of theirs. This is unjustified and uncalled for.

I don’t see anything illegal with this. Our government was just trying to emulate policy of China, Russia, North Korea and few other advanced countries in world.

Why this kolaveri di over a simple draft?

To prove our government’s stand, I ask all of you to look at Singapore. A small nation with a huge GDP. They have strict rules for media, social media and other Medias. Their story of progress is exemplary. Do you think they have achieved so much by giving their citizens a free run? Nope. They have kept everyone in check.

This is how you progress.

Our Netizens should understand, we are a progressive nation. If mediums like whatsapp (I have resisted the temptation to have this Vela tool on my mobile till date), Twitter, Facebook are left unchecked, we have a huge problem in hand.

Since government has decided to take a u-turn from this step, I cannot congratulate them. Still, I do have my wish list for them to control the so called whatsapp, twitter, FB users:

  1. Data of Trolls should be stored on internet to shame them. As a matter of fact, government should make it mandatory for them to attach their trolling on internet with their resumes
  2. All spam whatsappers should be hanged upside down and spanked for creating an unsafe-whatsaap environment
  3. Last but not the least. Government should ban Facebook till they introduce “unlike” button on FB. My friend has posted pictures of his dog’s poop. Yikes!


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Author: The Mango Man

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