Yadav Bhushan wanted AAP to loose during Delhi elections

Ta-da! Surprise.

Good things never last forever. All the cynics on this earth can put up that smirk on their face and smile :).

The whole media is abuzz with the dirty linen of AAP being washed in public.

What this news definitely means is:

  1. AAP is no longer a party it used to be. The party is a divided house with anti-Kejriwal group and pro-kejriwal group vying for each other’s blood. While the CM of Delhi is getting treated in Bangalore, the party is getting torn apart in Delhi.
  2. The bhushan father son duo are soon going to be kicked out of party mercilessly along with Yadav. They can kiss good-bye to any hope of even getting a role of a volunteer in a party. The traitor (gaddar) tag is too much of an emotional word for AAP.
  3. With Yadav’s ouster, AAP will go slow with its aspiration to make the country corruption free.

What this news does not mean is:

  1. BJP can immediately get hold of Delhi :). They still have to wait 5 years for this opportunity to come back again.
  2. Kiran Bedi, the lost leader in BJP can join AAP. Despite all the new vacancies created, i am not sure AAP has a place for her. She might have to spend another few years in wilderness as a BJP leader (read : scapegoat), who lost Delhi.
  3. AAP will put a ban on ex-BJP/Congress leaders. The party is a matured outfit. They have learned the tricks of trade to win the elections. Mr. Bhushan might lecture a lot on ethics but who cares? It’s a win that matters. Who cares about the background check Or which party the leader comes from?

And the mango man is disillusioned. One party, which epitomized the problems faced by Aam Aadmi (The mango man) is heading down the drain.

The tamasha is for everyone to see and this time the tamasha is not even enjoyable.

– The “Disillusioned” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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